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Upon receiving the bike for service, first of all diagnostics (computer and visual for e-bikes and visual for conventional bikes) and test ride are done. Basic faults are identified and A list of parts to be replaced is made. The client is presented with a list of parts to be replaced and projection of overall repair costs. After the client approval , we start the repairs.

Bike repairs can be various, whether it is a broken chain that has worn out too much and dragged the rest of the drive group, or it is a faulty fork.

To determine a chain wear, we use a chain wear or stretch meter. If we want to replace it, we have to "disconnect" it. For some chains it is a pin, and for some it is a coupling. The drive group is then cleaned to determine if there is any other defects. We measure the new chain to the appropriate length and then connect it. Ultimately, we index the speeds and test the bike.

If the gear changes are timely and correct , we return the bike to the owner. If not, we continue to replace other defective parts (often it's a cassette that "wears out" due to a chain that was not replaced in time, so it misplaced the teeth and consumed them). Work is done while communicating with the owner, so that there are no unforeseen costs.

Most MTB bikes have only front suspension which doesn't need to service because it is cheaper to buy a new one. Also, there is lack of parts for such cheaper forks. However, as soon as the bike price threshold exceeds one thousand euros, the initial model of the air "fork" is installed on the bicycles, which enables a better ride but also requires maintenance. Of course, for bikes with double suspension, maintenance of the rear shock is also required.

In our shop we perform maintenance of Fox, Rockshox and Suntour suspension. If your bike has a Fox suspension, keep in mind that your fork needs "basic service" every 100 riding hours. When doing suspension service, first and foremost, suspension is washed (fork and rear suspension shock absorber) so that the dirt does not end up inside of the suspension parts. Fork service can be dones without removing from the bike, but the rear shock absorber needs to be dismantled to be properly serviced.

The tool needed for this specific procedure can only be purchased at specialty stores .

After removing the air container housing, the inside must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with a new layer of lubricant applied.

The procedure is similar with the fork.

First, we loosen and remove the nuts to remove the lower rods. Then, we drain the old oil and then clean and degrease everything properly.

This is followed by a change of "washers". They keep the dirt from entering the lower part of the fork and prevent as much as possible the contamination of the oil that lubricates the suspension.

After we have installed the new washers, the fork is assembled and oil is added according to the manufacturer's specification. It is important to always use the appropriate oil for a specific model. There is a lot of differents bike models and the manufacturers guarantee proper operation only if only original parts and oils are used.

With proper use and quality parts including excellent service, the long-term functionality of your suspension is guaranteed.

Only properly working bike is a safe bike and therefore it needs to be maintained properly and regularly.