RABike mountain adventure – rabike


RABike mountain adventure

The starting point for all bike tours is RABike. The ride heads towards the village of Mundanije where the highest peak on the island, Kamenjak, is located. Concrete road to the top is  quite steep and therefore requires prepared bike and fit rider. From the top of Kamenjak, the beautiful view overlooks the island and the Velebit Channel, as well as the surrounding islands of Pag, Cres, Lošinj and Krk. As the ascent was demanding, the descent is quite fun. The road continues through the hamlets of Ribarići and Javorani and goes towards the Barbat where we will drive through the so-called “Barbat Alps”. The trail is a wide gravel with many ascents and descents that passes through many dry stone fenced plots and offers a beautiful view of the Barbat Channel. We follow the descent to the main road which will take us to the bay Pudarica from where we continue on gravel along the sea to the bay Vašibaka which hides some historical remains. The last point before returning to the base is Mag Bay, once a motocross track now an oasis of peace and pleasure. The return is along the coast to the town of Rab and by road to the starting point

Trail length: ~40 km
Riding time: ~4.5 hours
Price: 250,00 kn (bike) / 400,00 kn (e-bike)
Terrain: asphalt, gravel, sand
Difficulty: 4/5
Riders: min. 5 / max. 8 people
Recommendation: take appropriate clothing and footwear, spare clothes, water, food, backpack